eto for Schools

eto Recorder Music Practice in the Classroom

Group instrumental lessons in a classroom are transformed.

Teachers, pupils and parents will really notice and be thrilled by the rate of improvement in playing resulting from efficient practice in the classroom and extra correct practice at home.

  • a whole class or large groups can be taught using an Interactive SmartBoard
  • smaller groups or individuals can be taught or can practise using a single computer
  • notes taught and / or used on the Recorder are:
    Level 1: B; A; G. Level 2: D; E; F#;G; A;B ;Top C; Top D; Top E. Level 3: D; E; F; F#; G; A; Bflat; B; Top C; Top C#; Top D; Top E; Top G.
  • each new tune adds notes in a sensible learning progression.

We shall contact you by email asking how many Home Licences you need.

Groups of pupils playing the Trumpet, Clarinet and Alto Sax can enjoy the Dlp (Dallas School of Music) Level 1 Jazz Tunes.

More Advanced Trumpet or Cornet players could get to grips with Arban Characteristic Study No.1 or the same composer's very well known Air and Variatons on Carnival of Venice.

We would welcome any requests for music to practise.

With all these pieces:

  • pupils can play along with all the tunes at various speeds helping them to be kept in time and in tune
  • all pieces have an accompaniment which can be heard when required at all the differing speeds
  • achievement at the slower speeds with the accompaniment will give great encouragement to practise even more
  • individual bars or sections of each piece can be isolated and repeated at the various speeds until they can be played perfectly

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