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When you use eto Music Practice every tune has a recording of the melody you need to practise and most have an accompaniment as well; either can be switched on or off. This helps keep you in tune. You can choose a Start Bar and End Bar to practise sections and set them to repeat so that you can practise them over and over Ö.first at a slow tempo and get faster and fasterÖ.until you are ready to move on.

“students improve more quickly because they practise more”

eto Music Practice at Home

Learn to Read Music

Learn to read music while playing the Recorder:

I wish I could read music is a phrase heard so often....
eto Music Practice is the answer.

Age doesn't matter; whether you're 6 years old or at a time of life when you are ready and able to do something you've always wanted to.
Our Recorder Levels 1, 2 and 3 are the perfect way to start on the music instrument journey... before deciding on a particular intrument.

So, learn to read music and enjoy practising the Recorder and be really well prepared to transfer your skills to another instrument....or indeed explore the wonderful music written for the Recorder itself.

Recorder Level 1 can now be used FREE OF CHARGE

The notes taught and used on are:
Level 1: B; A; G. Level 2: D; E; F#;G; A;B ;Top C; Top D; Top E. Level 3: D; E; F; F#; G; A; Bflat; B; Top C; Top C#; Top D; Top E; Top G.
Each new tune adds notes in a sensible learning progression.

Mums’ opinions – from a report by Sarah Jenkins of Jenesys Accociates

Mums with limited musical knowledge and children of assorted ages were shown the website. They were unanimous in their view that this was a very useful tool. They liked the layout of the site – it was easy to navigate round the different parts and they thought the way the music was presented was excellent.

There were several comments about how this was teaching music in a friendly way.

It is often very difficult to get kids to practise music at home in isolation and this website makes it seem as if there is a teacher there, albeit an electronic one.

You canít have your music teacher with you 24 hours a day and itís not always practical to get other players together to practise with you.

Trumpet & Cornet

Advanced players can also benefit from eto Music Practice

The following pieces are available in our site shop. You can also view demos of each

  • Arban Study can view the demo at the top of the page
  • Carnival of Venice: Theme and all Variations with piano accompaniment

To relax and have fun from about Grade 2/3 on we have:

  • Dlp Jazz Trumpet Level 1: three tunes with full jazz combo accompaniment

You'll want to practice more often and very soon youíll experience real improvement. Itís also great for increasing your confidence for live rehearsals and concerts.........

“...the way to play fast is to play slow....”

Remember you can speed up the tempo, slow it right down, play a few bars over and over again until youíre practice perfect. This means that pieces you thought too difficult can well within your capabilities.

Turn off the accompaniment or the melody, add a beat counter; whatever suits your practice needs.

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eto has a large number of Music Practice Apps and App Bundles for Trumpet, Cornet, Alto Sax, Clarinet, Recorder and Piano and in both iTunes and Google Play. The links are below:

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