eto in the classroom

It is so easy to use and the results are stunning.

A whole class can read from an Interactive White Board.

Smaller groups or individuals can practise on single workstations during a lesson at break or lunchtime.

ALL pupils can practise at home on their own or family computers. There's no need to buy sets of books.

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eto at home

You can’t have your music teacher with you 24 hours a day and it’s not always practical to get other players together to practise with you.

But eto Music Practice keeps you company and motivated; keeps you in time; helps keep you in tune and you can have an accompaniment to work with 24/7.

This way, when you do get together with other musicians or an accompanist you will be better prepared.

We are busy adding to our catalogue.
If you have any requests for pieces that you want to practise please let us know.


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how do i get eto?

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First you need to Register for an account and create personal Login details.

You can then buy from our Secure Shop

When the purchase is complete you will receive an email directing you to the Practice Room where you can access the music you have bought.

For more information on how to use eto Music Practice go to the Schools and At Home pages.

Detailed descriptions and demo movies of all products can be read and viewed in the Shop.



Alis is really enjoying the experience of performing....playing her first one note tune on the Recorder; B Happy...... AND reading crotchets (quarter notes), minims (half notes) and a semibreves (whole note). She started at a tempo of 60 and is now confident at 80.